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A story

Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Growing up in a beautiful city with a strong void for culture in the past and present really sets the bar. I felt small and nothing around that treasure yet I knew I had to develop my taste and correspond to the surroundings as much as I could. Complimenting was my language as I started my way in portrait photography at the age of 15. As I grew older my dissatisfaction with Russia as a system, as a cultural code reached to a point I couldn't ignore it. The world of beauty mixed with horrible events of annexation of Crimea, followed by the war in Ukraine and Middle East. Silence was a crime but talking about it was also a crime in my homeland. I was ready to leave to my historic homeland - Israel.
In 2016 I finally moved to Tel Aviv and opened my heart to a new beauty, the one you don't necessarily see at first glance, but the one you can feel, the one that touches a soul and brings peace.
My experience in Israel helped me develop my skills in fashion photography and explore the influence of outdoor environment on personalities in portraiture. More importantly Tel Aviv happened to be this eternal portal of young creative energy, kind and loving, teaching compassion and staying connected.
In March of 2020, two weeks before the world shut down I moved to New York to start my new chapter in life and art. I am humbled for how much this city reflected on me and my vision, my ability to communicate important issues, my contemplation of the surroundings. Most of my works in my gallery and store were made in USA.


Photo: Joseph Hirsh (@josephhirsh_dop)


Charity Exhibition, London, The UK
June 6th, 2024
Group Show "The Sensitive Brink"

Jaffa Residence by KakDelart, Tel Aviv, Israel
May 24-31, 2023
Group Show

Soma Studio,
Tel Aviv, Israel
May 4-11, 2023
Group Show

Kuli Alma, Tel Aviv, Israel

March 20-26, 2022
Group show/fundraiser "Vse Bude Ukraina"

Beyond the wall, Tel Aviv, Israel

March 8th, 2022
"Women against war" series
Street art show

Art and About Gallery, Emek Hefer, Israel

December 15-19, 2021
Art show

Fable Jones Studios, New York, USA

August 20-29, 2021
Art show

"Pancakes and booze" show New York, USA

July 15th, 2021
Art show

Slow burn via Canvas Gallery, New York, USA
March 22- May 10, 2021
Group show "Anywhere but here"

Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP), Los Angeles, USA, October 24- December 31, 2020
Group show "Connected World"

Cinemateque,  Tel Aviv, Israel,
October 13-29, 2017
Group show "A new eye on Israel"

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Russia,
October 14-21, 2013
Group show "Portrait Competition"


phone: 0587712349

insta: @elisadubrovsky

 Tel Aviv - New York


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